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Ep 101: Why I joined Pavilion


Episode 101 of The Pavilion Podcast - Why I Joined Pavilion ft. Tom Alaimo

Part of the TGIM (Thank God it's Monday!) series.

All right, Thank God it's monday. Welcome back to the Pavilion podcast. Episode 101 This is your host Tom Alamo. They call me Tommy Tahoe, excited to be here with you. This is where revenue leaders come to learn The tips, the tactics and strategies that they need in their career to level up and get to the next stage. Super excited. If you listen to the last episode, it was 100. We changed the name, we changed the game. We're all about the fame. I just made up that rhyme on the spot. It wasn't great. Don't judge me for it. Let's get to today's sponsor. Before we get to the content, let's give a shout out to drift. More than 50,000 businesses use drift to grow revenue and increase customer lifetime value faster drift, helps their customers aligned sales and marketing on a single platform to deliver a unified customer experience where people are free to have a conversation with the business... any time on their terms, learn more at drift dot com as always hit me up on linkedin tom Alamo If you have questions or want to chat after the show. I figured after last week's announcement, rather than getting straight back into our normal routine of having guests and long form interviews, which I'll be back to next monday with a great one by the way with Kevin, yep, co founder of Blue Board. I wanted to take a moment. I've never really shared my story and why I joined formerly Revenue Collective, currently Pavilion. And um just had some context that I, I loved having that long interview with SAM and Brandon and all the different people from the early days of Revenue Collective joined in for like these little 10 minute segments. If you haven't checked out episode 100 I definitely recommend doing it. If you're new to revenue Collective slash Pavilion, I definitely recommend checking out that episode. Sam talks about the genesis the early...

...days, the funding where it's going, his vision, he's super smart guy and you know, the takeaway that I got from that was and everyone that came on that show, all these different people that SAM had interacted with over the last few years, building this company throughout the last few decades in his career just spoke so highly of him and so genuinely and sincerely that they appreciated all of the work and effort that he took to made their career successful and that's been my takeaways that this, you know, even though there's 5000 or so people as part of the group now, it's really all based on the president of helping other people selflessly right? Not helping them with the intention of getting something, not helping with the intention of doing something for your career or getting a payback or good karma or anything like that. Just helping for the sake of helping him. Because really it selfishly does feel good to help people. And that's what Sam has built here and built with his... and Help to spread around a lot of people. So I figured I'd take 5, 10 minutes chat about my story, give some context there and get into it. So I joined revenue collective at the beginning of last year. So the beginning of 2020 in February or March right around the pandemic, I knew that it was about time for me to leave my company. I've been there At tech target for about five years and I knew just in my heart that I needed a change, I didn't know what that meant. And it came across my desk somehow. I don't even recall really how, but I just saw a lot of people in the linkedin community that I was starting to build and starting to get involved with. I saw that a lot of these people we're tied to revenue collective and now that I'm thinking about it, I actually remember there's a thursday night sales that scott lease and Justin Welch when it first started, it was them to now it's scott and amy Wallace, but when they ran it, Justin had spoken very...

...highly of Revenue collective and I think very highly of Justin Welch and so I hit him up after the show, we chatted, just kind of having a personal connection and he referred me in and um it was amazing man, the slack channel, the playbooks, the community, all the different events. Um I think the way that I would sum it up, if I could in a sentence or so or a few sentences would be, it's kind of like the blue checkmark on twitter, right? Or on instagram where it just, it kind of verifies you if you're in the B two B SAs world and you're moving and shaken, you're trying to build a brand, if you're trying to move up the ladder, if you're trying to find a job at the next hot startup or take your start up to be the next hot startup or whatever, it might be. Standout revenue collective and Pavilions, a great way to do that. It's that verification, is that blue checkmark that when I hit people up and I dM them on linkedin or in the slack group or email and they go check me out.

It just raises the game ethic. It, especially if they're in the community, It, it increases your likelihood of getting a response of having a solid conversation, having a solid connection. And um, I mean it's helped me, helped me get several job interviews when I was looking last year, help me line up a bunch of different podcast guest. It's given me a lot of opportunities to meet people and to learn things and to continue to grow and I think this has all been virtual. We've been in Covid the entire time that I've been a part of the community. I'm excited to see what is in store for the in person events and what that will be if they'll be big, if they'll be small, intimate kind of dinners, maybe one on one coffee sessions for sure. Maybe larger events. For me it will be in san Francisco or in the bay area, which I'm excited to do and meet all the great people out there and I think it's really important to invest in something like that. I think Brandon once likened... kind of having career insurance right? You don't know when your company is going to go under or have to cut people or just you as an individual at a certain stage, it's at the end of the line for you. You know, we know the tenure for VP of sales or VP of marketing is continuing to go down from two years to a year and a half to maybe even less than that now. So all of these things are worth considering when you're thinking about your career, thinking about taking it to the next step and and what you can do. So that's me and I I reach out to people all the time, make that part of my weekly cadence to hit people up on linkedin, grab a zoom coffee, you know, the running the podcast certainly helps in connecting with new people. But I would definitely recommend to get yourself out there, be part of the community. It's one of those cliches of you get out what you put in, so definitely try to make it part of your weekly cadence to connect with new people, people that... don't know and sometimes they're going to be duds and sometimes they're going to be people that you really deeply connect with and you never know until you do it. So that's my two cents. That's my advice figured again, I'd share a little bit about my story here is kind of an intermediate episode before we get back into all of the long form interview conversations. So if you want to learn more about me or connect, I'm on linkedin tom Alamo. I'm Tommy Tahoe on twitter and instagram. I work over at gong, host my own separate blog and podcast, proud member of formerly Revenue Collective, currently Pavilion and run this podcast every single monday coming at you and before we head off, before you continue to walk the dog or empty the dishwasher, whatever you're doing, you have one last shout out to our sponsor. This episode was brought to you by drift the new way businesses by from businesses. You can learn more and get the conversation started at drift dot com. That's all I... from me. Have a great week and we'll see you next monday piece. Say so yeah.

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