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Ep 165: Sales Enablement Consulting w/ Janelle Nash


Ep 165: Sales Enablement Consulting w/ Janelle Nash

Part of the "Is This A Good Time?" series hosted by Brandon Barton.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Pavilion podcast. I'm your host, Brandon Barton, you're listening to Is this a good time the show where I probably members of the hot seat for 15 minutes. We get to hear their incredible stories, shows around Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not this thursday because it'll be thanksgiving. We're going to skip it and let everyone enjoy their turkey but otherwise hit subscribe. So you don't miss an ex uh hearing from our experts. Our guest today is Jenelle Nash's the managing director of digital transformation at leap point out of charlotte. Pretty cool talking to heart. We talk a little bit about sales enablement this month. Sponsor is Sandoz. So Sandoz. So the leading sending platform is the most effective way for revenue generating teams to stand out with new ways to engage at strategic points throughout the customer journey. By connecting digital and physical strategies. Companies can engage fire, retain customers easier than ever before. All right, let's do this episode 81. This... a good time. All right. I am so excited to have general nash with us, John L is the Managing Director of digital transformation at least point. You know, great to have you. Thank you. Well look, we jump right in all me. No filler. Let's get to the questions. Tell us about your current role, what it is. What do you do and then how you got here, like a couple stops along the way in your career. Right, So I'm the managing director at lee point. I've managed really the sales and marketing function right now. I also do some client work which is really exciting and I kind of grew up in financial services and then really just ended up in marketing and marketing technology and here I am and what is the point to just give everyone, what is it, you know what's a customer experience there? So we are a boutique consulting firm, we partner with Adobe and seismic. So really a lot of what we do is marketing and sales enablement. And what are the type of brands that you're going after?...

Really? All brands, really just enterprise. We work with all verticals, we've got lots of really big fun clients to work with. So it's a great place to be, love it. And what made you make the jump from Deloitte um to hear I mean that's obviously you know there's obviously some some crossover there in terms of the advisory work that you're doing with clients. But um Deloitte pretty big name right? Uh Yeah so Deloitte was an amazing company to work for. I learned so much, I had amazing boss there and I really enjoyed what I was doing my role. What sort of went back into more of an I. T. Roll. Um I was originally kind of in the marketing space and then it moved into more of an eye roll and I really wanted to do something a little bit different and so I wanted to actually go into um consulting. So the point I had worked with previously when I was at Deloitte and I just really liked everybody who worked there and I like what they did. So I went, decided to go there, love it. And so look getting to to wherever you are in your career, it takes both hard... and luck, like tell us tell us the story of either or both about, you know, about moments in your career that were just uh you know, the the turning points if you will. Sure. So I would say from a look standpoint, that really happened to me, a Deloitte, I started there and I was supposed to be leading their marketing automation technology and they ended up needing somebody to run a work management selection project. And so my boss was like, hey, like you're the new person, you can do this and I was like, I don't know what this is, but I'll give it a shot. And so you know, I ended up working with what is now an adobe product work front and got to really implement that across our whole marketing organization, which was a huge project. There was a lot of fun, it was really stressful, but that gave me kind of a glimpse into work front and adobe, which is what lead point really does a lot of consulting around. So it was kind of a pivot for me, for me, interesting and that was just, it happened since that you uh love it, great. And so you know, along the way,..., you know, obviously you're implementing these tools and helping brands to use them. I'm sure you have a ton of different tactics that you have found a really effective, you know, gaining customer is uh you know, keeping customers so forth, give us a few. I really think that just being yourself and being authentic and creating relationships with customers is the path of success and that's what lead point does really well. And I think that's why I was so interested in joining lead point. It's not high pressure sales, it's not high pressure anything, it's you know, we want to partner with our clients and we want their goals are our goals. So really just, you know, creating these relationships and working with companies and doing amazing things with marketing and sales and you know, I t all of their platforms and making their dreams come true, and and you've been based in charlotte the whole time, is that right? Most of your career? At...

...least I have, yeah, I moved to charlotte right after college. Oh gosh, so uh tell us about the changes that have been going on, because it seems like charlotte's part of this group of, you know, cities that has talked about is the next hubs of technology. I hear that I hear, you know, tons of great people being hired from there and now that we've moved into like a remote remote work setting, you know, what's going on in the charlotte market in terms of tech and you know, start ups and all the exciting stuff. Sure, when I moved to charlotte, it was a banking town and that was it. Like you couldn't even go to dinner downtown after work, there was nothing going on. Uh now it really is a tech hub. There are so many different companies here. There's so many amazing places that people can work. There's a lot of like tech incubation companies and groups that you can join. It's really, it's pretty amazing. A friend of mine owns dual boot, which is a consulting firm and...

...they do a lot of kind of sponsorship of these kind of tech incubators and things like that, it's really neat. Love it, love it. I mean, I feel like it's a place that if I was in my twenties I'd consider moving to because there's just like a vibe and jobs and like I'd probably stay in new york for my entire life, but fine. You know, if I was somebody else and had a different ambitions, you know, it just seems like such a, it's such a cool spot. Alright, cool. Well any positions that you're hiring for, we are hiring for a seismic engagement lead. So anybody who has worked with seismic has implemented seismic at their company and like really wants to flip into a consulting role. Um we'd love to talk to you interesting, love it. And uh and so give some, give some shout outs to folks that you kind of follow or you like you like their content or anything like that. There's a couple people I follow, I follow steve watt who is the marketing director at Seismic. He came from grapevine six, which is their life social product and he is just...

...hysterical. I love the way he thinks and the things that he posts about, he's just like super authentic devin rival as well as a really like a partnerships kind of person. It's really focusing on partnerships, how to get involved in them. And how do you leverage them to really be successful in your business? Yeah, for sure. Cool. Love it. Love it. And last but not least this is, this is the most important one and hopefully it's someplace local in charlotte. Give us a place that we should restaurant that we should go check out mostly for looks. But the restoration hardware in charlotte is one of the flagships. I think there's only two of them in the country are restoration hardware store with a huge rooftop bar and there's like a million chandeliers. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Is that the other ones where in Chicago, I think maybe, you know, it's in Wisconsin, I think. No, wow, that's yeah, awesome. We're going there. Well...

...look short, but sweet Jenelle anything else you want to add. No, I don't think so. It was great to meet you. I'm so excited to be part of the Pavilion. I wish I would have joined it sooner. We got acquired by a PE firm earlier this year and I feel like I could have learned a lot more before that happened. So I'm excited to be here now. Love it. Thanks so much for joining and looking forward to staying in touch. Great, Thank you. That's our show. Thank you so much for listening. If you love the show, please rate and review in the Apple podcast Spotify app, send it to some friends. Make sure to smash that. Subscribe on reminder. This episode is brought to you by Sandoz. So they deliver modern direct. Now personalized gifts and other physical impressions that make your outreach more personal. I had so much fun that I hope you did too. Now go crush those numbers. Say something. Mhm.

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