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Ep 53: Maximize your Advisory Board w/ Virinchi Duvvuri


Ep 53: Maximize your Advisory Board w/ Virinchi Duvvuri

Hello, everyone. And welcome back to the revenue collective podcast. I am your host, Brandon Martin, and you're listening to Is this a good time? The show where I asked Revenue Collective members some really basic questions, and they have great answers. In a short, 15 minute conversation, we're coming to you each and every Tuesday and Thursday. So please hit the subscribe button and you will not miss any opportunities to learn from such amazing RC leaders. Our guest today is guaranteed to bury the senior VP of sales and revenue operations at UST Global. We talk about getting the most out of your advisory before we get going with the questions that I wanted to tell you a little bit more about this month. Sponsor six cents six cents. The number one account engagement platform helps you identify accounts that are in market for your solution. Prioritize your efforts, engage buyers the right way with highly relevant messaging and measure what actually matters with the six cents platform, you're able to get into more deals. Improved win rates increase overall pipeline and optimized budget. Spend to learn more, visit six cents dot com slash revenue Collective Alright, let's do this? Episode 12 Is this a good time? So great to have you here. Guarantee we have guaranteed delivery. Who? Who is the senior VP of sales and revenue operations at UST Global Coming to us from Sunny San Diego, San Diego. Santiago. How do you pronounce that? San Diego. Beautiful, beautiful man. Well, look really great to have you here. And I'm excited to chat with you. I'm excited to be here, Brandon, Thank you for the opportunity. This is It's always nice to be able to talk about your story. And maybe there's someone out there that can that can get some help from, and I think it's all good, so I They better get some help from you. That's our goal. All right. So look, all meat, no filler. We jump right in. Tell us about how you got here in your career. What are the steps that got you to being a five times sales leader and doing all these great things? You know, that's a That's a great question, Brandon. Thank you...

...for asking that. You know, I'm an entrepreneur at heart, and I started consulting company in my garage was actually a dare that my sister gave me and said, I bet you can't do it. I actually took her credit card and I purchased some, uh, some PCs and I started putting together. Then I started doing networking. And, of course, I had no experience doing any of this. But you know what? You got to try it. So that's my motto. And I remember I while I was doing that, I blew out the circuit in my house. So I learned a lot about, you know, reversing polarities of power supplies and all this other stuff and and started selling that two companies did start networking and then went into consulting. And I knew right there that was my passion. I really enjoyed understanding what companies like and looking at the blueprint of that company. Say what? How can I help you? And I kind of jumped in and did that. You know, I I realized very quickly that helping companies with their gnarly issues what I want to do, So I kind of took that. And, um, you know when after I graduated from sending a state I electrical engineering degree never did any engineering. Now it sounds like you know Indians, right? So, you know, we don't We're kind of we're kind of forced into, if you will by society to either be an engineer or a doctor. At least that was back in the day. So I decided to be an engineer. Never practiced a lick of it. But what electrical engineering showed me is kind of the system like thinking, right. And, uh, luckily, I was able to parlay that into a great opportunity with Price Waterhouse and then with eccentric. So I essentially I did my big five trip and and really understood what it takes to understand what a customer is going through. A lot of structure drop down into a few boutique consulting firms in San Diego. When I had my first child loved it, enjoyed it, actually create two products. One of them was a product that was a anti spam product, really didn't go anywhere. But at least I learned how to do it. And then another product was around SharePoint in portals. And then finally, yeah, then it was really exciting. Then finally, I I joined Microsoft. They said She said they would love to bring... on, and I was there for 15 years. And, you know, I gotta tell you, Brandon, I got so much information from Microsoft, and I love it. I'm not, as you know, uh, sucking up to Microsoft. I love I worked. I learned so much from all my management, everything they taught me. And, you know, I I actually thought I was the best at my my craft. And then I left. And that's when that's when my entire facade kind of broke down because I decided to start up now for all those people out there that I've ever done a startup. If you haven't, you got to do it. I'm telling you, it is the most talented. All he's saying is that you're gonna put yourself through three years of torture that might be successful, but you're gonna love it. You're gonna love the torture, you know, you're gonna get addicted to it like me. Well, here's what's gonna have brand you're gonna learn. And I learned so much about myself, right? And I tell you what I learned there is It's really about selling in five second increments. That concept never hit me, but it was really apparent to me when I got on the phone with the Cros and I tried to get them to talk to me about my AI product. I thought was the best thing out there. And, uh, you know, essentially, they all hung up on me or said they weren't interested and I had to get really creative, and I had to capture their attention in five seconds. Now I'm used to being in front of people and having a great conversation using my hands. But when you're on the phone, how do you sell? Right? So that was That was something I learned, and I got to tell you that right there is probably what most of my customers before joining us d. I've been doing a lot of fractional Seattle work and and robots work, and that's what everyone wants. You know, they want the structure and the acumen. That's all good. And I'm a med pick coach. That's all great. But really, what they want is how do we get through the noise? Help us. Let's figure this out. And so every person I talked to, it's the same issue, but it's a different way of doing it because they have a different product, different I C p so and so forth. So that's kind of how I've gotten here. And I gotta tell..., Brandon, the thing I like the most is I talked to someone and I have a chance to be empathetic and give back, right. Um, I think give me back to them is probably one of the things that that that gives me a lot of joy. That's awesome. And you're speaking of the hospitality and the man that I've always based my career around these hospitality industry. And it's always about giving back, even in sales, even in sales, trying to that that, you know, five second pitch. It's for the benefit of the person on the phone. So I totally agree. Now, Now, throughout your career, there's been a lot of hard work. So let's take that off the board. We don't need to go there. Tell me about some place when you got lucky or, you know, you have an interesting take on luck. Yeah. You know, uh, that I do have different takes, so I'm amount of faith, right? I don't really believe in luck. You know, I I have a firm belief that. Um, you know what? There's, uh, you know. You know, God has a has a plan for me, right? My job is to really focus on being the best person I can, helping those people that need help. And those people will be put in front of me every single time. And so that's what's happened my entire career. Um, you know, whether it's the startup, whether it's Microsoft or extend to all these things were not things I planned right and say, You know, that's where I have to go. Although going to extension was actually a plan of mine when I left standing a statement, I wanted to join that. But, you know, the entire process I went through, you know, there was a plan involved, and so you know, I have. You know, that's that's kind of where I get my grip from right When I went through my startup, just think about this right. I went through my startup. I had to bootstrap the startup. First I I left the country club as I like to call myself. It's awesome. They take care of everything. I left that right. I had to bootstrap my startup I have five Children have my house. I have to aging parents. I mean, there's a And when you're five Children, I still Yeah, I have five Children yourself, man. I can't even I'm doing I'm doing the Lord's work, man. I'm sorry. So, anyway, hold on. Yeah. So the good thing is, I...

...probably would have gone mad if I didn't have something. If I didn't have my faith to rely on saying, You know what? I know I got to make the best out is if I just do my job and I really work hard. And I am, I am I am being a positive influence for people. The right things are gonna happen. I learned so much. So I look back to that and I say, You know what I look back to that I look back to when I move my entire family. Right. I moved four people plus my pregnant wife, the entire house to the northeast. When I was at Microsoft and I looked back and I said that wasn't my plan. But you know what? It's not my plan, and I just have to kind of go do it through it and again. My faith is what's held me on. So you take the hard work and faith together, and that's what I feel has gotten me to this point. So I think I think we need to get your wife. I'm here to talk about the hard work part. I would love to say it to me. That's taking care of all the five Children is I understand you can. I'm sure that we'll get her on the pot as well. That's awesome, because that is that is very cool. I'm glad to have to and hopefully ended two and then, uh and then maybe they'll make it to 18. We'll see. Um, it's good and and And look, you know, you've been a coach and you've done this for a lot of organizations give us a tactic that people can actually go and take it news tomorrow, not something general, something that they can use in deals that they have tomorrow. So this is a tough question, right? Because I think everyone out there's probably heard everything out there, right? How do you write the email when you write the email? You know how you say that certain things to certain people. So I'll just tell you one thing that's worked for me and again, it's from my start up dates. I was trying to figure out how to break through the noise, get someone's attention, get them to talk to me and then try to sign them up all in one conversation, if I could, to conversations and I actually learned...

...this tactic, I don't want to call it mind. I learned this tactic from the CEO of Of of my startup, good buddy of mine. And he learned it from a star group in in San Francisco. And essentially, the whole idea is you create this advisory group, right? Um, people who will essentially come in. And, you know, everyone wants to be an advisor. If you go talk to someone you know who is in a mature state in their in their, uh, career, first thing they want to do is yeah, you know, I want to be on your board. I want to be an advisor. So that was important to us. We gave them, you know, stock. We did all kinds of things like that, which is important to them. But the most important thing they wanted is to be able to say, You know what I'm about? I'm a board. I'm on the board for this. AI startup is doing really well. And I tell you, as a result of that, I was able to get 10 to 12 conversations every week for my summer. When we started this whole process, it was nuts. There was I had all these meetings, so I would just say to people out there, you know, you know, looking at what people want, right? In this case, I know a lot of the people I was going after one to be on the board, I think is a critical thing. If that's a group that you're going after and just be honest about it, right, I wouldn't do a bait and switch or anything else. That's probably really bad. If you if you really want to do this and get quality people, I think doing something like an advisory board will really help you out. I love that. I love the advice. We have won a bite, and I think I take the same approach that you were talking about before. I don't expect anything back from it. but just being able to talk to people and hear what their needs are helps our product and helps our company just get better. And and the result of that is business. And, like, I'm so glad to have the great diverse group of people on my advisory board, So very cool. All right, so, you know, let's get into the quick hitters here. What's a key position you're hiring for? Always looking for hungry sellers. So, um, in this, uh, in this team, I have a U S t that I'm building out. I have industry leaders, industry...

...specific sellers, driving new logos, And so I'm always looking for hungry sellers. I'm looking in. Media and media is probably a big one. Telecom is another. That's the area we're going after right now, so Okay. Remote doesn't mean it doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. As long as they're hungry. I look for grit, activities key. I run a startup. That's how we're doing it here. So I love it, man. I love that. And then give some shout out. Who do you Who do you love to file? Who do you who inspires you? So you know, um I kind of took this. I kind of, you know, as you as you're asking that question, I'm thinking, you know who inspires me. As I told you, I'm a man of faith. So I have different inspirations that maybe some of your colors would have. Yeah, so? So to me, when I think about who I listen to, there's some people probably on linked in that. I think your your listeners might know, You know, Bet Colin is someone who's part of the revenue collective. The thing that she has I think a lot of the audience may like is it makes a lot of sense. It's actually very specific. How do you get out to people prospecting everything I talk about? I think she does a great job. Justin Welch. I mean, you know, great talk. The thing I like about these people that are mentioning is, you know, it's simple to read. It's easy. There's so much content out there. I just enjoy it. You know, it's entertaining to read it. And then, obviously, Sam, right? So, you know, you gotta listen to Sam. Sam sounds great. I love I love just hearing some of the things he has to say. The thing about Sam is you'll get in your grill, right? He doesn't just say something and he'll actually say Go toe to toe with you, which I love because it's all honest feedback. I love it. I love Sam, that's it's and and And Beck will be on the podcast, and I believe we got just lighten up to So that's that's cool. It seems like we're in the right spot and then any up and comers who is just somebody new for us to be thinking about? Yeah, So there's a guy that's in the revenue collector, actually, Richard Purcell, you know, I had a chance to meet with him. He and I hit it off. He's got a...

...different viewpoint, a lot of things. I just love it, you know, we consume so much information out there on LinkedIn and other things, and we're looking for different viewpoints because diversity is key and diversity of thought, and he brings a great viewpoint. So I would suggest people, you know, look them up. I think he's got some some some great points that he puts out there. Awesome, that's great. And then lastly, because I, um I am a man of stomach, as as they say, and I I I am a restaurant person in my heart, and I need to know where to eat. So just give me a restaurant suggestion that I got to go to When? When This whole thing. Uh, this whole pandemic. So if you come to San Diego, I want to go to North County. There is a place called Kenai Thai Restaurant. Now it is kind of a hole in the wall, but it's the best. Food is exactly what you want. No offense. Other folks on the pod we've said Popular restaurant. I want to know the hole in the wall that nobody knows. And it's killer Thai food. Oh, it is so good. I have to. The lady who owns it is genuine Thai. She talks about it. She loves the food and all the people there. Our look like they're from Thailand. Actually, you know, they have been introduced to me and and the food is legit. The cooks are legit. I mean, it's just it's awesome. What? Give me the one thing to order there. So there's a few things, right. Pot. I is probably one of my favorite pre Tito pot. I was my my favorite like Don't eat that anymore. I like panang curry and the Currys are just off the hook. They're awesome. Panang curry is a good one to have this, um, tofu dishes, a ginger tofu. It's like a salad kind of thing. Oh, man, it's It's it's great. Now one of the things you have to tell them is when you go there, you gotta do you know 1 to 10? Yeah, down the heat down. What? I always tell them India, give me 10 and you don't want 10. I said, you know, I'm going to return it. So anyway, I love spicy food, man. It's all good.

Like Thai Thai food, heat is a different type of heat. It is a great where your soul type of keep. And I told you I worked at one of the most important Indian restaurants in New York. We had heat bird, Thai chilies, Thai bird, chili or however you say it, they are beastly. They are They are a different type of heat. Don't you pretend I'm gonna 65 and awesome to have you on I can't wait to to to, you know, grab, grab a drink, grab a keto meal with you or something when the world opens up. Uh, man. Hey, man. Thank you. And, uh, thank you for the audience for listening, and this is awesome. And anyone wants to reach out. I'm always open to help anyone. And if you're not part of the revenue Collective, I'm just gonna do a plug. It is awesome. Um, if you want to know, let me know. I'll tell you all about it. And, uh, big big fan, so we'll talk later. Thank you. You're welcome. All right, that's our show. Thank you so much for listening. If you did like today's show, please write a review in the apple podcast was spotted by a Send it to some friends or hit that subscribe button so you don't miss an episode. A reminder This episode was brought to you by six cents. Powered by AI and Predictive Analytics. Six cents how to unite your entire revenue team with a shared set of data to achieve predictable revenue growth. I hope you had a lot of fun today. I certainly did. And hoping that you can go crush your numbers. Say something? Mm hmm.

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