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Ep 44: Learning a new job and a language at the same time w/ Tilda Molho


On this edition of "Is this a good time?", Brandon talks shop with Tilda Molho, Category Director at Ebay.

Hello, everyone. And welcome back tothe revenue collected podcast. I am your host, Brandon Martin, and you arelistening to Is this a good time? The show where I asked revenue Collectivemembers some really basic questions, and they have awesome answers. In ashort, 15 minute conversation, we will be coming to you live on Tuesdays andThursdays. So please smash that subscribe button so you don't miss anopportunity to learn and hear from revenue collective members who may justbe your future boss. Our guest today is Tilda Mojo. She's a category directorof electron ICS and Home entertainment at eBay in the UK We're gonna learnabout how do you possibly take on both a new job and a new language at thesame time before we get going with the questions, I want to tell you a littlebit about this one. Sponsor six cents six cents. The account engagementplatform helps you identify accounts that air in market for your solution.Prioritize your efforts, engage buyers the right way with highly relevantmessaging and measure what actually matters with the six cents platform youare able to get into more deals, improve, win rates. Increase overallpipeline and optimize budget. Spend toe learn Mawr, visit six cents dot comslash revenue Collective. Alright, let's do this Episode six of Is this agood time? Great. So I'm so happy to have Tilda Mojo with us. Tilda is isjoining us. She is the electron ICS and media category director for eBay. UKhas had an amazing 11 year stint with eBay. So excited to hear about that.And, uh, and where you currently Where you currently living? Hello, Brandon.Very nice to be here. I am based in in the UK, and I live in the southwest ofLondon. A wonderful area close to a park so great for lock down. Oh, good,good. Well, it xcar certainly been interesting to see the differencebetween how things have developed with co vid in London versus here in the USand specifically here in New York. So,..., you know Justus hard. But Butperhaps, uh, perhaps you're a little bit ahead of the U. S. In terms ofcoming out of this, I'm not sure if you feel the same way. We can't wait. Ithink any day that we come out of it will be celebrated here. Great, Great.Well, look as we do here on the podcast. All meat, No fillers. So let's justjump right in. So what is your what? Your current role and how did you getinto that role? Give us a little bit of your bio. Great. My current role is inelectron, ICS and media, and it's around helping small and mediumbusinesses and large brands and retailers so leverage D by platform ongrow their online presence. It's a really exciting time, and it it it's agreat time to be able to partner with so many businesses in the UK on helpthem grow. How I got to This well, even has been on a journey migrating from aconsumer to consumer auction site as we started in the U. K 25 years ago towhere we are today, where majority of our business is business to consumer,and it is via companies who sell their products with a great service and agreat price, too. Toe online shoppers. So I joined eBay in an attempt to bringhands on industry experience and on a culture of rolling up your sleeves andgetting on with things and doing what needed to be done for for the next, forthe next strategy of the business. So I've been in various roles working withbusiness sellers. Thio help them improve their service for onlineselling to help them exports to different markets to help small andmedium businesses come migrate from offline to online and start sellinganyway. And then finally, I joined our... team, which was a neworganization set up a few years ago. Toe help If they become more like aretailer and that's my current role. We have bean building differentcapabilities from how you run a promotion online. How do you tradeonline to then how do we acquire and help businesses come on board? And nowwe're starting a very exciting program, which is at the cross section off Greatvalue, great deals, but also great sustainability message as well. It's ah,it's called certified Refurbished, and it's coming to the UK on the 15th ofFebruary. Oh, nice, cool. Well, I don't know if this may or may not run beforeafter that, but go check it out of its after and and sight to see that. And soeBay is not a name that I always think of to go to first when I'm trying topurchase something you know from a business purchase, something new. Andperhaps that's a new message for some of the listeners. So that's that'sgreat to hear. We all know that in your career it takes both hard work and luckto get to where you are. So give us an example of each of those in yoursuccess. I couldn't agree with you more. Andi. Often this realization of hardwork and luck comes in hindsight. When you're in the moment, it doesn't alwaysfeel like that. Uh um, Well, let me start with luck with I have to say atthe time, I didn't experience as as such for sure. I think it was hard workin the moment. And then and then we later realize it's lock or a bit ofboth. Well, um, well, when I was finishing my MBA, I really wanted to goback to my home country, and that was the time when the Internet bubble burstback in 2000 and three. There weren't many jobs around there, and my countrythe businesses in my country definitely...

...didn't want to pay an MBA salary. Sothe job offer I got waas to go to Paris on and country just another comparisonbetween So I'm originally from Bulgaria. Okay, Andi which is for those in the USwhich is in the southeast, off of Europe, right north from Greece andTurkey on DSO. I didn't MBA in Barcelona, so I was living in Barcelona,starting to feel somewhat homesick, looking forward to going back home. Andthen the job offer I I took was in Paris. So on the one hand, I thought,Oh, no, it's not exactly my plan. But on the other hand, I thought, Well, myFrench is a bit rusty. It was passed if I learned it in school, but I didn'treally speaking. So I thought, how lucky for me I'm going to brush up onmy French and learn my friend properly on bond. Andi, I joined on my first dayin the company. I was hired by by the Global VP who sat in the U. S. And Imet my actual boss when I started on my first day, and it turned out my bossdidn't speak in English. Hey, only spoke French. So in hindsight as youasked me before in hindsight, that was lucky because in two months I wasfluent and fully operation. I mean French, right? But at the time in thosefirst two minds, this did not feel very lucky. Uh, do you speak multiplelanguages now? Are you English? Yes, I do. I speak Spanish, French on Russian,which I learned in school so a long time ago. Wow, that is incredible. Andhas that helped your career? I mean,... know, is there a specific instanceswhere you're, you know, ability to be Multilingual is help. It has helpedenormously. Yes. I mean, first of all, doing business when you can speak yourcustomers or your partner's language opens doors, builds trust so muchquicker. But it also has given me an insight into how people in a differentculture think, or what will be the considerations that they would have todoing business, which can be very different from the Carter I'm comingfrom on. Also, being with such international background has helped me in the other directionoff being able to take a step back and be a bit more neutral in a conflictsituation on bond. Take a distance when the situation is to heat it on. Be thebridge between different parties. So I would recommend it to anybody who'sthinking about learning a new language. Go for it. It's amazing. I love that. Iknow a lot of people have picked up, you know, do lingo are all these thingsduring covert time? Try to try to do something. Build a skill, maybe alanguage. A little bit of a lost art. Because it feels like 20 years ago, youcould do business Onley in the language of the country. And now it feels likeyou could do business in English almost anywhere. I love that. This has helpedyou in your career so quickly so that we keep to our very strict schedulehere. Tell us about the hard work side of things. How do you know what youfrom this real hard work? All right. Thank you for asking thatright. So I love starting a job that I don't know how to dio andi. Uh, thisimplies a steep learning curve, but for me, it's part of the excitement onprobably three e. One of the best examples I have is I took over theautomotive parts and accessories category, T Bay. I didn't know anythingabout that industrial category, and my predecessor had left the business Ah,few months before that, and there was no handover and now industryconnections. So it was I had to start...

...from scratch on. But it was a lot ofhard work. It felt a lot off. Peace is needed to be put together, and I had tolearn on so many different levels. But I was eager to learn it was I like thechallenge of trying to figure it out on duh, step by step, I listened tocustomers, mentors, businesses who are selling on eBay in that category, andthey were only too happy to tell me about everything that was wrong withthe categories. So I built my strategy from strong customer insight on thatmade it a lot more credible, actually, and a lot stronger. It wasn't myopinion. It was what my customers wanted to see from eBay. So it was notsuch a great lesson. Just like, you know, if you find yourself in anawkward position where you don't know what to do. Ask the people who you'reselling to what they want, right? Like, how simple is that? Ask the people whobuy your stuff, what they want to see out of out of your product or yourservice, and it will generally pointed in the right direction. I love it. Andso you know, of course, there's all these sales and marketing tactics thatwe learn along the way. Give us something that the revenue collectivefolks can kind of use, you know, tomorrow. That would be a kind of agood tactic that they can impart on their own jobs. Well, you already drewsuch a good inside from my story by saying, Ask your customers, Andi. Icouldn't agree more. That is probably the best one. But if I have to addanother one, I would say, and especially I find relevant in the timewe're living. Now is the power of marginal gains. It's improving everytiny bit of yourselves pipe pipeline by 1% but every step of the way a littlebit it amounts to so much more than waiting for a big breakthrough. I Ilove this advice. I wish I could take... myself. I always feel like I havetoe move it 20% to make an impact. But this is This is great advice. Well, sonow we're into the quick hitter questions real quick. Give us any anykey positions that you're hiring for. Maybe there's some folks listening thatwould love to come work with you. Excellent. We are hiring for businessdevelopment managers. Andi. What this means is managers who will bring allthe amazing businesses on the high street or offline onto eBay and helpthem open a new Cells channel this year. So particularly, obviously, I'm biased.I would like a business development manager for the electron, ICS and mediacategory. There are other other categories recruiting as well. Um, soSo what do we need for that? It's really the typical hunter mentality,somebody who is able to go and don't leave a stone unturned to find all theopportunities and win them and bring them onto eBay. And the other part, Iwould say important in that in that area is to have a genuine interest andengagement with the Bay to to know who we are and what what we are about. Ilike that. Yeah, knowing the product before you joined the company makes alot of sense. Love that. And any any shout outs of people who you kind of,you know, you know, follow their content and love kind of hearing aboutwhat they're doing or their thought leadership and the folks that that youwould want to shout out. But definitely a shout out for Chris Nina, Amazingsales coach and trainer. I met Chris at the Revenue Collective in my firstmonth, joining the revenue Collective, and he's been incredible in helping megrow my team's sale skills. So definitely recommend. Connect with himand see see what he's doing at relentless growth. Andi also shout outThio Verne, Vernon Bob for his...

...incredible energy and passion andconviction. Really great sales leader on duh. He has some video material onYouTube. I think that can be reached Arlington or revenue collective as wellyou can find in London chapter Uh, Tomlinson is the London chapter head on.He's such a revenue Collective bureau. Any question I have I got to Tom, Ilove that. Isn't that just the best part of this thing is is if there's aquestion you have about something, there's somebody in the organization,maybe even in your chapter, who knows an answer or at least can point in theright direction. It's what I love about it, and and I never feel like I don'thave a resource. So very cool. Well, this has been awesome. You know, Ialways ask this one last question because I'm a restaurant person. Butgive me a place that you, you know, restaurant that maybe we know or don'tknow. But we should go visit next time we're in London or anywhere. Really inthe world. Fantastic. Yes. Um, actually, going out to a nice restaurant issomething that I miss. I can't wait. Wait, Do that again. But before lockeddown, I really enjoyed zest. Is that it's in northwest London s Oh, well, JWthree zest. You will. You will find it. It's a really great Mediterraneancuisine, modernized with combining various flavors and ingredients. Itsounds bright and lovely. Thinking of zest. That's great. Well, we'll checkit out. Hilda, I'm so great to have you so great to get to know you better and,uh, I'm excited for your journey and and the next steps on it. Um, congratson everything. And we'll see around the halls of revenue Collective. Thank youvery much, Brandon. Thank you. All...

...right, that's our show. Thank you somuch for listening. If you love the show, please rate and review in theapple podcasts or Spotify app. Send it to some friends and make sure to pleasesmash that subscribe button. A reminder This episode was brought to you by sixcents, Powered by AI and Predictive Analytics. Six cents helps you uniteyour entire revenue team with a shared set of data to achieve predictablerevenue growth. Had a lot of fun today. Hope you did too. Now get out there andcrush your numbers.

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