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Ep 209: You Must Spend on Conversion w/ Alix de Sagazan


Ep 209: You Must Spend on Conversion w/ Alix de Sagazan

Part of the "Is This A Good Time?" series hosted by Brandon Barton.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the pavilion podcast. I'm your host, Brandon Bar and you are listening to is this a good time? The show where I put the billion. I was on the hot seat for fifteen minutes, and we hear their incredible stories. chose. Are Out on every Thursday, so hit subscribe and you will not miss hearing for our experts. Our guest today is a leaks to Sagazan. She is the CEO and Co founder baby tasty, and we talked a lot about why you should be spending as much on conversion as you are an acquisition. And we talk a lot about Paris, because why not? This episode was brought to you by Doc Bo, an award winning industry leader and trusted enterprise learning partner for more than Twomo of the world's best print. All right, let's do this episode one hundred and two. Is this a good time? All Right, I'm so excited to have our guests here today. It's a leaks to SAG SAGA ZAM, which I'm trying to pronounce correctly. Love it, alas, is the CEO and Co founder of a be tasty, New York based, but pre Paris is where her heart. is so great to have you on the pod. Yes, thank you for having me. A brand and I'm very excited. I love it. Well, look, I'll meet no, no filler here. We want to jump right into the questions. Give us a rundown of what Ab taste does you know? Why did you become the founder of this company in this problem, and and and then, and then from there, back up a little bit and tell us your path to becoming a founder. Yeah, sure, so, ABTC, we all like an experimentation and play extend personalization platforms for like digital teams. We're doing like a be tasting. Yeah, and of course we are like a we are like on a mission, you know, to help like a digital teams, to be like a moragile, to challenge their ideas and like to be like a superfast on their website, because, you know, like the market is so challenging that you have to be to be creative, to have new ideas, to tell them and to always experiment. You your your website to do the best version of...

...your base website. So we've started actually long time ago, that kind of a funny story, with my co founder in Paris friends. So we were like working both of us in like a digital advertising and we're like, well, there is a problem. We are like buying terms of traffic, but we are not watching at conversion like what as it doing once they're arriving on the websites, right? What doing the users? So we started to like we build, we build an agency like specialized on like a conversion rate, optimization and analytics. So, like we were working with like the existing tool. It was like two thousand and ten eleven, twelve, wow, google analytics, etc. And we're like yeah, so understanding the behavior is great, but acting on the website is better. Yeah, because we are doers, you know, and we were seeing Amazon doing like terms of like experimentation and and personalization and we were like yeah, we want, like all our clients to be able to do like Amazon and to be like super competitive and to do terms of experimentation in terms of personalization. So that's how can we be of a be tasty? So we have started them as an agency. We had the idea with the agency. We've we've built a minimum variable product with our clients from the agency and then we went once we have like validated the product market feed, we have stopped the agency and we have been too teddy focus on the size business and like two thousand and fourteen, something like that. Do the says business. And then we have like race fund groups of business or in total we've raised the sixty four men farmilion. We have opened offices in in everywhere in Europe, UK, many, Spain, we've open a pack, a pack as well, and I move the personality to...

...the US in two thousand eighteen and like three years ago, end of two thousand and eighteen, to to grow the business in the US. And we have like a today, a onezero clients and two hundred and sixty employees. Oh my goodness, what an incredible journey. and and tell us a been in the US, for example? Is this a growing market for you or you have you now in the three years? Do you have quite a number of customers here? Because to have the CEO of the company here obviously means to focus. Yeah, that's funny because I always say that Europeans here, we are moving to the US, but the contrary is not always true. You know, like I'm against you, I'm not moving to Europe. But yeah, it's a big focus, of course, because if you want to become a global leader. You have to go to the US and it's being such a journey for me. Not always easy, of course, because you're arriving in a new market and in a new culture. You have to to to understand everything. It's yes, it's been hard, but it's been so rewarding and, like, the business is growing great now. I have an amazing teams. This is, of course, our biggest growing market because it's got zero to like a lot bigger degrave news. So yeah, it's it's extremely challenging and and as well. It's incredible to to be able to live in in another country and to batch your business from scratch in another continent. That's amazing. I mean incredible. I just I mean every time I speak with you I feel like I learned things because you have such a depth of knowledge of had a lead teams and I'm excited to get to get into some of that. You know along the way. I always think about success as being something that both hard work and luck, you know, play into that.

I wonder from your stories, is there a moment of either one of those that really influenced either starting in the business or maybe the success that you're having? Yeah, I love the question I think the luck has been maybe to be quite early on on a growing market. I will say, yes, I think that our tool, you know how editor where marketers can change is, it is a website, has has had a big wout effect on the clients and I remember my first meetings. They were like, Oh my God, it's going to change my life. Yes, and it was so powerful, you know so, and it was really the beginning. So I think it was a lot of luck, you know, to be able to invent a products that was really like a saving the life of our clients, I think, and hard work. Yeah, the way ten years of doing this right. Yeah, I mean out work, I think, like the most. Like everything has been extremely challenging, you know, like growing the team, going to other markets, but I think that the the most challenging time for me when was when I left Europe and I left my team in Europe and I went to the US and I spend one year extremely difficult to recruit people and to try to understand and it's been a tough yeah, from me, and as well to try to manage the business. Yes, after up from the US, I would say that, just like this year has been like the most challenging and the hardest. Yeah, oh well, I we love having you in New York. As I was saying, all Parisians are welcome and I hope vice versa, as us New York or love the love Paris. You know, I can't help but think there's you know, to me Your Company is incredibly successful. I'm sure there's so many more milestones...

...that you want to reach. was there a moment or, you know, a moment of time that you said, wow, we're going to make it? You know, you know, not every not every company, is always successful. was there's something like a turning point for you in the company that said, wow, we can now grow and expand to a pack and the US and so forth, where you said, Geez, we really we're going to not only do we solving a problem, but we have a business model that is working. Yeah, I think that I won't speak about a specific moment because I think that ambition is growing with this time, you know, meaning that when we have started the company, and actually it's funny because it was a bit like at the beginning of all this, like a sess craziness. So we didn't have like all the playbooks you know about where we are going and how we are going to develop that, etc. It was a so, yeah, it was very new. So I remember one time when we were like we were maybe ten people in the company and we were showing a plan to the team to say hey, look in when, yeah, we will be what fifty? In two US we will be one hundred, and I was barely believing what I was saying. You know, that God is going to be so challenging. And at the end we did it. And then I think I realize that. I was like okay, so like this cage, the limits, you know, we can go so far away and and you know, like I love the Pavidiona Ceus that Sam I've created because I think it's very interesting to to exchange with people that are leading the same journey. And I remember I had a group in friends of see you and from peoples that I've already done the US, the IPO, etc. And it was extremely inspiring for me because I was like hey, they did it, so why not us? But it growing with the time. You know, it's it's some things that it's a process. I would say love that. I love that. Well, look, I mean, you know,... obviously are a master in terms of the the getting people through the funnel and this digital marketing, marketing experience. I wonder, when you're selling or you're marketing your own product, do you have a tactic or you know a sales motion that you could share that has been very effective lately? Yes, marketing tactics. And said tactics. I yeah, I don't know if he if if I can give like a some senior inside full like that in two minutes, but I would say that marketing me like to for us, like to drink our own champaign. You know, is like we see that brands are like spending so much in acquisition and not a lot in like conversion. You know, the right, there is studies. I say you spend like one hundred dollars in acquisition and one dollar in retention and conversion. So issue spend a little bit more in conversion, you are going to have like a tremendous impact and your revenue. So I would say that, and this is something that we have to do because this is something that we provide to our clients. So I mean like a working a lot and how to to be better at with your converntion rate, with like experiment personages and many more tactics. I think is key and I like you're having a team focus on that. I think is key and is a future for many companies. And the second one for sales tactic. I don't want to to give something which is like bullshit or whatever, but I would say that the things that I'm looking when I'm hiring sales people is to have people that are really passionate and love the products. And not everybody will love the products. I think that people have some you know, like a passion for maybe an their product and nature product or whatever. Every everyone is done for something and is pasionate by something. So I'm really trying to find people who who love it, because...

I think that you transmit the passion and the love to your customers and this is a so this is not like a tactic or like a process, this is a this is just transmitting the in age and the patient for the product. I think his key love that. Yeah, that's great, speaking of, you know, employees and kind of funning them. Any any open positions that you're hiring for? Oh my God, so many, Brandon. Yeah, we are. So we have like a big growth in the US. We Are we are looking for rock staff and passion. That says people. You show have like tips for me, but on an individual contributor level, like like a contribute aliverl market team, product marketing, mainly like a good market team, found the US market, and mainly a con't executive good. Yeah, yeah, and the position is great. We have an amazing market team, channing team. He saves team. It's like a it's a good job, it's a great job. How many people on the US today? We are start five, almost forty. Yeah, and I want to throw at one hundred next year. I think you know, for those listening, what an incredible opportunity to join a company of, you know, several hundred people but then get to work in the group that's thirty people with the CEO's exactly what I say to the candidate. It's like you are a start up in the scale up because, like, you have like a big impact on the revenue, but you have as well, like a company of from most three hundred people behind with all the process, the food. Success are and like a bigger company, but more like small, small, small team, family team, start up, mood up. That's that's great. I love it. Yeah, and to learn from an incredible female leader like yourself on how to do that must be must be quite appealing to people. I hope that. I hope this resonates with somebody and you get at least a few candidates because because of this conversation. So obviously there are influences, you know,...

...that you've had in your life that have that have kind of impacted the way you do things. I wonder if you'd give any shoutouts on people that you love their content, to follow them and say, Hey, this is, you know, the right way to do things and and and stuff that has a you know, push you forward. Yeah, there is a lot of people I admire, you know, like an and I'm following on Linkedin, for example, but like ones that I have followed for for a long time that is always giving good pieces of advice for you is a jazz and the then keen from like from a sistor. Yeah, I really like the easy events and he's contents, like he's very popular, of course, but for me, like every week is posting things that are very reasonating very, very very much on me. I like that. Yeah, yeah, I like that. Yeah, I mean Jade Jason is a great, great file for anyone. That's not all right. Last one, the NECE, is the this is the this is the serious question. So so buck a lot. Where should I eat in Paris? Let's when I'm not even am not in what? I'm not even offering you any other place. You are not allowed to talk about New York restaurant. Let's Talk Paris. Give me like one spot. That's your go to. You're like number one. The problem, my problem is, let I have many number and in Baty five, number one. I am. I will we could sit here for fifteen more minutes and talk about I love it. Yeah, but you know, like that's a problem of French people. We can stick about food for hours. Why? I Love You, my love. Yeah, where you can go in Paris for your next trip? So, like, if you want take a very like a high level, I have a very nice restaurant in Paris. I've been there just before moving to New York. It's like a in the Menson. So the mention is really beautiful and the chief is is great. It's called the LO clahens. It's in the eight neighborhood in Paris.

Yes, and then you have like a lot of very nice behaste. So you can go to Bouyon Julian. It's, like you know, very cheap but very good food and very like a Parisian, with that the ferry water, etceter you have chaste. It's a bit the same kind of very old French behastee father. There is many and like. Honestly, then, when you are going to a risk friend who berries throun the taking, go thatt of case it's going to be good anywhere. Now. Yeah, I have a trip planned and I've never been to Paul Burt so Bistro Paul Burt which some people love, some people say maybe it's is past it's time. But there's there's a couple that I am I am looking forward to. I hope we get to eat some food in New York. I hope we get to eat some food in Paris. Alex so great to have you on the pod. You you know, your inspirational in terms of what you've built and I really look forward to following along as you continue to grow in the US. Thank you so much. been then, for for your time in for a inviting me to do to the boot guests that by as a Suddas Fan ie have you. Thank you so much. All right, that's our show. Thank you so much for listening. If you love the show, rate and review. Send it this some friends. So all the stop hit subscribe. This episode was brought to you by do see boat. To See bows redefining the future of enterprise learning with this AI based learning suite. With do see bow, you can create and manage an engaging content deliver training to customers, partners, are employees and measure how learning impact your people and Your Business Ball within a single suite. Find that you are learning and development sweet spot at the see Boatcom I had so much fun today. Hope you did to get out and crush your numbers.

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